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About Rydbo Friskola

At Rydbo Friskola we are working according to Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy. The child’s own desire to learn and the importance of good self-confidence is the focus of everything we do.

We accept children to our Preschool as well as from Kindergarten to grade 6.

In Preschool we have three groups – one for the younger children age 1-2, one for age 3-4n and one for the older children aged 4-5.

In our Primary school we today have children up to grade 4. Nevertheless we offer the possibility to study at our school up to grade 6.

Year K-1
Year 2 
Year 3-4  

In each class there are 2-3 adults with one main class teacher. All our teachers are qualified and Montessori educated.


Open to all

Rydbo Friskola is free of charge and is funded with municipal school vouchers. It is open to all.


Registration and Queue

Students are admitted in the order they are registered. Siblings and children who have attended a Montessori Preschool / school have priority.

Application to the preschool class is done via the municipal website www.osteraker.se Barn och utbildning (children and education). The municipality, as well as the school, also sends out information before the school application period in January/Febuary. There is also an Open House arranged by the school to which parents, with children about to start Kindergarten the coming Fall, are invited.

If your are interested in having your child at Rydbo Friskola you also need to take direct contact with us for a special applicaton. If your child is changing schools the municipality needs to be notified.

Our school’s afternoon activities (Fritids) have the same fee as the other schools in Österåker and registration for this is also done on the municipal website.

If you have any further questions or need assitance with your application, please contact us.
Phone: 08-732 92 95 or mail: ingela.gardner@rydbofriskola.se.

Welcome to Rydbo Friskola!



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